Purple "Cup" Coasters

Purple "Cup" Coasters
Purple "Cup" Coasters Purple "Cup" Coasters Purple "Cup" Coasters Purple "Cup" Coasters Purple "Cup" Coasters Purple "Cup" Coasters
Brand: Wajidsons
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New, wider design for 2019 - now fits almost all cups and glasses!


These unusual translucent deep purple coasters and the holder they come in, are made from recycled drinks cans  - available in a range of colours.


Recycled aluminium is incredibly eco-friendly. The recycled aluminium used for our aluminium tableware saves up to 90% of the carbon emitted in the production of new aluminium from bauxite ore.

The aluminium is first cast, then highly polished before the coloured resin is added by hand. The product is then given a final polish. The result is fair trade products with vibrant colours, that are practical and decorative gifts for the home.

Our supplier in Moradabad, northen India, ensures that their work force earns a fair living wage, and that men and women are paid the same rates for the same jobs. In addition, sick pay, holiday pay and time off for religious festivals are all provided. Paid breaks are also included in the working day and the minimum age for employment is 18.

Periodic inspections ensure that standards are maintained and the manufacturers are always happy to show customers around their factory.

Recycled materials are used in all packaging and waste products are disposed of carefully.

Recycled, food safe aluminium tableware for every occasion.

Not dishwasher or microwave safe - hand wash in warm soapy water.


Size (set) - 

Diameter: 10.5cm

Depth: 4.5cm


Size (coaster) - 

Diameter: 9cm

Depth: 0.5cm


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