Ethical or Fair Trade

We aim for Ethical Trade:


Ethical sourcing is an important and effective means of bringing benefits to workers in the ‘Global South’ – Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.  It is having a real effect on large companies in the United Kingdom, encouraging them to look at all  their trading activities.

Ethical Trade is based around non exploitation and the code set down by the Ethical Trade Initiative, the code includes:

 • no forced labour

 • freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

 • safe and hygienic working conditions

 • no child labour to be used

 • living wages to be paid

 • no excessive working hours

 • no discrimination

 • no harsh or inhumane treatment


Most of our products come from many different suppliers in India and are sourced direct from manufacturers by us.  Wherever possible we deal direct with local craftsmen and women who use materials from renewable sources and fashion them with regard for the environment.
The craftspeople we deal with are masters in their respective arts and we ensure that all monies go directly to them, their families and their employees and not to middlemen or agents.  In many cases profits go towards improving the living environment for these people, such as helping to provide schooling for their children.

When looking for suppliers we are careful to avoid those who employ children or do not offer safe working conditions to their employees. To see some of our suppliers at work please visit the "Our Suppliers" page where you can view pictures of their working conditions.

At peepultree we continuously strive to:

 • improve product quality and the working conditions of our suppliers
 • invest in the development of their family run businesses and the welfare of their workers/families
 • pay a price to our suppliers that covers the cost of sustainable production and living
 • make advance payments to our suppliers


To find our more about how Fair Trade certification differs from simply being fair trade, and lots of other useful information, please visit the Fair Trade Foundation.


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