E14 Colour Changing Bulb (small lamps)

E14 Colour Changing Bulb (small lamps)
E14 Colour Changing Bulb (small lamps) E14 Colour Changing Bulb (small lamps)
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These long-life LED colour changing bulbs make our small white mosaic glass egg lamps really come to life!


At only 3W power consumption, they are energy efficient and cool running compared to standard bulbs.


The wireless remote controller means you don't even have to move to change the lighting effect (works up to around 12 feet in ideal conditions).


Our favourite is "Fade" slowed right down - it creates a wonderfully relaxing and mesmerising effect that is sure to help you unwind.


6 month warranty on all LED bulbs - if it fails just send it back for a free replacement! But please check the battery in the remote control first...



Wireless Remote Controller:

Up: Brightness up for single colours/speeds up changing effects
Down: Brightness down for single colours/slows changing effects
Off: Power off
On: Power on

R: Color change to Red
G: Color change to Green
B: Color change to Blue
W: Color change to White

FLASH: Auto-change colours, fast skip, no fade
STROBE: Auto-change colours, slow skip, no fade
FADE: Auto-change colors, fast shade change
SMOOTH: Auto-change colors, slow shade change
Other colour buttons: Single colour.



1. Base : E14 (Small Edison Screw or SES)
2. Input voltage: 85-265V
3. Light Wattage: Max. 2.5W
    Electricity Wattage: Max. 3W
4. LED : Super Bright LED
5. Longer service life compared with traditional incandescent bulbs (To ensure maximum lifespan of the bulb, we suggest running for no more than 16 hours at a time).
6. Dimension: aprox. 35mm x 115mm (1.2" x 4.5")
7. IR Remote control
8. Remote control can turn on/off and adjust the colours and brightness.

*Please note that the bulb may vary in shape from the one shown in the picture but will work the same*

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