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Bodhi Beads exclusive handcrafted silver jewellery


Welcome to bodhi beads hand-made silver and gemstone jewellery, exclusive to peepultree at Blakemere Village!


Drawing inspiration from India, Tibet and beyond, all our jewellery is hand-made by either Chris or his partner Rose using ethically-traded 925 silver findings and semi-precious stones. All our findings are sourced by us direct from the silversmiths and jewellers in and around Delhi, Kashmir and Goa, as are all of the gemstones that we use. Our pearls are cultivated in fresh-water mussels in eastern India - as these are indigenous in many areas this means sustainable pearl production without a major ecological impact.


Our jewellery making journey started in 2008 when a friend showed us some pieces she had made for her own use and suggested that we "have a go" and see what we could make. We practiced a bit with her tools and materials before taking the plunge and buying a set of our own tools and some basic beads and materials and then set to it!


About 3 months of making, dismantling, adjusting and re-making later we had both mastered the most important techniques required and from that point on it was a matter of tackling design...



Having lived over in India as a child, Chris was perhaps more aware than Rose of the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional Indian style of jewellery - for some in the West it can just be "too much" and many people find the use of colour too bold. Nevertheless, building from the classical mixes of stones such as Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, and Coral and then experimenting produced some lovely pieces of which we were both very proud.



To see pieces currently available, please click here.


- Chris & Rose

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