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We know we can't change the world, but that doesn't mean we can't try to change the small part that we can influence. We believe that the best way to help people develop is by doing business with them.

peepultree fosters a more equitable and sustainable system of production and trade that benefits people, their communities and their environment (known as fair trade or ethical trade).

By working closely with our suppliers we aim to meet the standards of the ethical trade initiative and we are pleased to be able to help provide good quality employment around the world (including here in the UK) while still providing excellent value and service to all of our customers.

We are a small, family-run business like many of our suppliers, most of whom are based in India. Through fair trade we aim to help keep important craft skills alive.

Crafts are an integral part of life in India, despite the rapid technological and social changes that are taking place there. In the West, special artists create craft objects and they are considered to be 'luxury' items, but in India (like many other developing countries) craft production is the main source of employment for a large number of the population, second only to agriculture.

Despite the growth of the handicrafts industry in India, the average earnings of the artisans are very low when compared to other industries. This is the reason that the younger generation is moving to other fields. The average age of many master craftsmen is around 50 years old. We feel that by applying fair trade, ethical principles we can help to combat this trend and keep important cultural craft skills alive.

We encourage the production and development of cultural products based on the traditions of local craftsmen and artisans, adapted for Western markets. In this way we hope to promote artistic talents in ways that preserve cultural identity.

By paying a fair trade market price we encourage high quality workmanship and enable producers to invest in good quality tools and materials, and by buying direct from the producers of the goods, we cut out the middlemen, enabling a greater percentage of the retail price to go to the craftsmen and women. A fair and ethical market price for goods benefits everyone, it does not mean that products necessarily cost the consumer more.




Our aim is to provide equal employment opportunities, particularly for women and other disadvantaged groups. peepultree is committed to providing fair wages, good employment opportunities and work practices. We provide technical assistance concerning market opportunities, trends and consumer feedback about their products. We encourage literacy and numeracy for all workers as well as training in financial and business management.



We also aim to provide producers with sufficient funds to cover basic costs during production, either through deposits or pre-payment, and in certain circumstances direct loans. For their part our suppliers, will do everything in their power to facilitate our business, as a friend would do. We link low-income producers and consumer markets and hope to educate consumers about the importance of purchasing fairly traded products which support living wages for workers in the developing world. Fair trade increases profitability for producers, allowing them to grow their business and create more jobs.



We seek to bring security to the lives of the people and groups we work with, through the development of long-term business relationships (and friendships). In this way, we hope to provide an environment in which the producers and workers can create healthy and safe working conditions in which they gain the necessary skills and knowledge to develop their businesses, communities and lives.

Read more about ethical trade (fair trade) and how it affects our business and the world...


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